by Promontory

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released August 9, 2017

Quinn Hermon - Bass/Vocals
Krist Simac - Guitar/Vocals
Tim Cambe - Guitar
Nick Aguilar - Drums

Recorded at Bright Lights Studio in Santa Ana, CA. Produced, mixed and mastered by Erol "Rollie" Ulug.



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Promontory Los Angeles, California

Post-metal from San Pedro, CA

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Track Name: The Crack of the Whip in the Sky
The sky crepitates in hollow shouts
the clouds hang low
the Whip Hand reaches out
the clouds hang low

The Whip Hand grows weary
Gaia casts Her final breath
cerulean now transmute
to somber gloom

Earth scarred by empyrean lashes
spectacle of radiance
Terra Firma trembles
tainted soil exacted retribution

Firmament poise over fauna
reign down overbearing woe
the light now drowned in nimbus
the beauty erodes away...
Track Name: Typhos
Affronted expanse
the welkin beckons
with galvanic reproach,
Her mantle feeds

Civilization submerged
in indifferent tide
Man's conclusion
bearing no light

With stone-faced indifference,
time will take everything
Desperate, disheartened
grabbing at the unseen
Desperate, disheartened
distorted, destroy it

Futility incarnate
their hubris smashed

Track Name: Rain of Blades
Grains of sand
falling from the sunlight
Rain of blades
flowing from my eyes

A force of glass
sublimates my mind
As oceans crash,
down fall the pillars of our lives

Grasping for a quiet reach
Gasping for a console heave

As oceans crash,
The pillars of our lives collapse
Track Name: Bonds of Silk
I awake,
roused by subtle pains
Casting gaze
across this crude vessel,

I realize
what has always been
An existence,
bound and static

Fastened still
by fragile bonds
Silk restraints remain in tact
Made a slave
to this loving bed
as its surface consumes me
Track Name: At the Dawn, a Virgin Birth
Clarions blasted as an inferno consumed the skies
As Her surface was forged anew, She lay waiting for dawn to break

Astral cavalry
Laid siege to this static plane
Burning mineral rained down
Bringer of our elemental burden

The sun rose behind ashen skies as silt begot us

Our gaze split the night with more radiance than a million stars
These wastes bore life
How we fear to lose what we've stolen

Hoe gave way to the pick
Pick to beasts of machines
Raping the soil
and consuming the weak
All those who can see,
made slaves to their lethargy
No father for guidance
Away from

matricidal industry
the aureole was painted empty

Her body, diseased and broken
Her children, bred to slaughter
Spake She, "My son is a killer"

May Her roots crack every foundation
Strangle the columns asunder